About us

Membership benefits

Among the benefits members enjoy, we would highlight the following:

  • Free download of all the studies and statistics, in PDF format, published by ICEA from our website. The ICEA studies cover all the areas of the insurance activity (organisation, marketing, technical, financial, life, etc.).
  • Special prices on courses, workshops, seminars, CEO meetings, etc., organised by ICEA and, on some occasions, in collaboration with foreign and national agencies.
  • Receive personal advice on any consultation on the insurance business, management issues, business processes, etc. at special price.
  • Request custom studies on the statistics compiled.
  • Access relevant information through our website.
  • Including your company's logo in the interesting links section of our website.
  • Participate in work groups and committees.
  • Exchanges information with peers for benchmarking.
  • Participate in public opinion surveys.
  • Contract for specific custom training courses for your employees.
  • Request consultations on any subject of interest.
  • Receive distance training at reduced prices.

To request membership for your company contact us at direccion@icea.es

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